Good tips for Sellers

5 Reasons It'll Pay to Sell Your Home Early in 2018 By Holly Amaya | Jan 10, 2018   Getty Images; It's been nearly a decade since the Great Recession delivered the worst housing crash in modern memory. But these days, the fallout … [Read more...]

A few items on the New Tax Reform that you should know about

The new tax law that was signed into effect at the end of 2017 will affect all taxpayers. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the areas that could affect them which may require some planning to maximize the benefits. Some of the things that will affect most … [Read more...]

To All the Victims of the Fires in California…

Spread the word - Resources for Fire Victims … [Read more...]

Assuming a Loan may be the way to go.

Assumptions are an Alternative FHA VA Assumption.png In the late 80’s, both FHA and VA began requiring buyers to qualify to assume their mortgages. The main reason there haven’t been many assumptions in the past 25 years is that interest rates have been steadily going … [Read more...]

Buying Power is Running Out of Time

Is the Window Closing? - 4/7/2014 With interest rates lower than they’ve been in over 40 years, it may be difficult to think of a “window of opportunity” closing.  However, it isn’t difficult to understand that it may very probably cost more to live in a home in the near … [Read more...]